• A nonprofit organization created to help people and families become proficient in healthcare.  

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Research shows that at least 80 million Americans unwittingly suffer from healthcare illiteracy. The astounding annual consequence of this $108 to $238 billion epidemic wreaks havoc on our already strained healthcare system. Health illiteracy's ripple effect has an even more profound impact on fellow patients, families, and essentially everyone else involved in care. 


The Patient Better Project’s mission is to enrich lives and better the healthcare experience by teaching people how to prevent medication misuse, escape unnecessary inpatient and outpatient care, avoid longer hospitalizations, and bypass superfluous trips to the emergency room.

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Using our online platform and a formula of proven concepts and ideas, The Patient Better Project will drastically suppress our health illiteracy crises within the next five years by targeting the most affected population. By utilizing the opportunities offered by social media, we will inexpensively focus on extending our reach and providing meaningful healthcare education to ensure this population in-need can thrive in today's medical landscape and make informed healthcare decisions.

Who we are

We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) public charity that provides health education services to people in need. We are an organization comprised of board members, employees, volunteers, interns, donors, and contributors who are committed to helping others learn how to manage their care more efficiently and effectively.


Are you a person who just loves

 to give and make a difference in other people's lives? Please consider us and help reach the folks who struggle organizing their care. We are a perfect organization for home-bodies who love to share knowledge with others to become health advocates.

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All private donations go directly 

to furthering The Patient Better Project’s mission, goals, and fundraising efforts. Just one monetary gift signs you up as family, helps reach another in 

need and provides full online access to the self-management starter program.

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This support channel is reserved for the individuals and families who are already enrolled in the Patient Better program. These folks are vital help expand the The Patient Better Project's mission and ability to reach to more people. Login now to engage yourself in our aging and underserved communities today.

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Recognizing that companies who partner with our program have

truly made an investment in supporting and furthering our mission. In return, we support their organization with an acknowledgement of their contribution in our activities, programs, or special events. 

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