Do you have a special talent that you feel compelled to contribute to our cause? We would love to talk to you! We are looking for people that have a unique offering anywhere from health writing, graphic designers, fundraisers, and everything in between.

Monetary Contribution

All private donations go directly to furthering The Patient Better Project’s mission, goals, and fundraising efforts. Just one monetary gift signs you up as family, helps reach another in need and provides full online access to the self-management starter program.

Community Outreach

Our community outreach program is reserved individuals who are looking to serve their local community online. Here, you can reap the rewards of helping others learn how to manage their medical care record and give health knowledge to someone to last a lifetime. Your service is a great contribution to The Patient Better Project's mission while giving us ability to reach to more people. 


Do you have employees that can benefit from learning how to be more self-reliant in their care? The Patient Better Project workshop is a great addition to your health care offering and provides all-inclusive group training to help those struggling in health and those who are affected. 

Be Part of the Conversation

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Join Our Meetup Group

We host free online weekly workshops (and social gathering place) for patients, caregivers and families who want to learn how to govern their healthcare more efficiently and effectively.