The education that equips patients and families with the knowledge to become more effective participants in care- guaranteed by the next appointement.    

We help providers help 
people have better health 

Patient Better is an educational program designed to help providers advance their treatment by teaching their patients and families how to collaborate, communicate, and coordinate care more efficiently and effectively. Although a novel concept, our program has quickly become an indispensable tool for providers who need help with their patients to participate in care.

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Why add a family communication and management program?

The Patient Better Project is an organization created to help people become proficient in care. Our vision is clear and with our 501(c)(3) nonprofit status we can more readily help ttrain those through volunteers, mentorships, and videos. Thus, allowing people to focus on more important things - like becoming a valued partner in treatment and getting back to health.

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"It's not what what my doctor did for me, it's what he taught me so that I can do it myself" - Joseph P. 

​Have your patients take this self-assesment to find out if they qualify:

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What to expect from our partnership


Research shows that participating agencies measured an overall 42% in net revenue increase in private pay clients, referral base, and kept clients on the books, longer.


We provide a clear pathway to achievement in professional health communication, transitional care interaction, and staff retention efforts. 


When you start our program, statistics prove that there is a 98% success rate for participating home care companies within the first six to twelve months of signing on.

Effort & Sacrifice

We do the work for you by ensuring that all qualified staff is on the same page. Thus, providing a way to get your company to run itself while supplying a more robust offering.

What you can expect from your patients

Enhance Participation in Treatment

Have fewer complications, lessen emergency room visits, prepare for an information-driven medical appointment, while reducing unforeseen costs.

Maximize Medical Utilization

Prepare for medical appointments, reduce unnecessary phone calls and office visits, and effectively take advantage of offered services, treatments, and resources.

Improve Risk Management 

Have a realistic calculation of services needed for proper treatment and recovery that will dramatically help to make more informed decisions.

Effectively Manage Care Records

Become an efficient liaison in the transfer of information, in-person or virtually from your home to the clinic and from one physician’s office to the next. 

The Future of Healthcare Education

Research shows that individuals and families who are educated in the Patient Better Program have better experiences, enhanced care quality, and are able to stay at home longer. Thus, gearing people up for the future of more quality home care. 


  • Supply professionals with better patient access.
  • Help families become more knowledgeable participants.
  • Offer a more dynamic transitional care direction.



  • Easier interoperability adaptation.
  • Proper telemedicine readiness.
  • Better homebound communication capabilities.

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