Learning Program I (For Healthcare Professionals)

Evidence-based Curriculum 

Program I addresses critical public health literacy needs by educating clinicians, educators, and administrators about the benefits of patient proficiency. This course reviews independent health literacy program's current gaps in patient education, characteristics, and functionalities that would automatically improve our healthcare industry- to its entirety. This informational course also shows how health literacy programs help improve patients, families, and informal caregivers’ ability to cope with common and complex diagnoses, delivery of sophisticated at-home care, and (health record) safety and protection in cases of emergency or disaster situations. 


  • Focused on teaching what information is valuable and meaningful.
  • Adapted the relationship-centered care and patients as partners models.
  • Formulated concepts, ideas, & processes that are relatable.                

Meaningful Learning

  • Standardized framework that supplies unified learning.
  • Application to a large pool of socio-demographic area.
  • Caters to diverse populations & empathetic of individual circumstances.


  • Independent and without system, payer, age, location, or condition affiliation.
  • Can be communicated under any situation without internet access.
  • Instructions are updated and applied as the health industry changes.

EPIC Partnership

  • Individuals oversee and better participate as an equal partner in care. 
  • Increase communication and literacy skills.
  • Coordinate respectful and equal exchanges of information and adheres to the "Patients as Partners" model.


The Patient Better Project offers a one-hour online webinar to healthcare professionals, educators, and home health and home care workers to learn how to reduce the health illiteracy rate plaguing our health consumers. This independent medical education course teaches the best practices for identifying health illiteracy and details the important elements required for patient, family, and informal caregiver adaptation, application, and outcome success. In this course, you will learn how a health literacy program can be successfully incorporated into treatment plans and provided as an ancillary educational support service without distracting condition management (patient) training. 

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Learning Program II (For People)

Purposeful Education 

TPBP focuses on delivering meaningful health education to underserved populations with chronic conditions and their caregivers, who are without compensation or formal training in education for health management. We offer the entire classroom experience with supporting coursework. This truly patient-centered health management learning center includes tutorials, videos, presentations, quizzes, and templates that enables people to become proficient within the current healthcare arena.  


The Patient Better Project Inc. conducts one-hour medical record management workshops for constituents that are held at local community centers. In these workshops, we teach people how to manage medical records. Attendees go home with the Patient Better health literacy program and are requested to complete learning within the following year. Patient Better is the standard of health literacy programs as it applies meaningful concepts, intelligent tutorials, and purposeful tools to create insightful management capabilities for people to truly become proficient in healthcare. 

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What Attendees Will Learn

  • Proficiency in medical record management.
  • Learn how to access medical records from any portal.
  • Reduce unforeseen medical costs.
  • Reduce emergency room visits.
  • Lessen unnecessary phone calls and office visits.
  • Have fewer complications.
  • Obtain a higher quality of information-driven medical appointments.

Our Guarantee 

Attendees will receive a total of three surveys throughout the year after workshop completion. The first survey is completed immediately after the workshop, the second is emailed/mailed at six months after program completion and the last at twelve.  A summary of the participants’ answers will be sent back to funders within 30 days of last survey completion. Once attendees returned all surveys they will receive our paperback or Kindle ebook The Remote Companion for Self-Health Management to take their new healthcare management life-skills to the next level.

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