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First, discover what makes our health literacy program unique.

Purposeful Education 

TPBP focuses on delivering meaningful health education to underserved populations with chronic conditions and their caregivers, who are without compensation or formal training in education for health management. We offer the entire classroom experience with supporting coursework. This truly patient-centered health management learning center includes tutorials, videos, presentations, quizzes, and templates that enables people to become proficient within the current healthcare arena.  

Evidence-based Curriculum 

Our organization addresses critical public health literacy needs and assists clinicians, researchers, insurers, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, awareness groups, charitable foundations, and any other ancillary patient resources in need of connecting through either the health advocate or a member of their at-home care team.


  • Focused on teaching what information is valuable and meaningful.
  • Adapted the relationship-centered care and patients as partners models.
  • Formulated concepts, ideas, & processes that are relatable.                                   

Meaningful Learning

  • Standardized framework that supplies unified learning.
  • Application to a large pool of socio-demographic area.
  • Caters to diverse populations & empathetic of individual circumstances.


  • Used without system, payer, condition, affiliation, or age.
  • Communicated under any circumstance or crisis.
  • Communicated under any circumstance or crisis.

EPIC Partnership

  • Individuals oversee and better participate as an equal partner in care. 
  • Increase communication and literacy skills.
  • Coordinate respectful equal exchanges of information.

Then, take an in-depth look at our offering.


The Patient Better Project offers one-hour in-person or virtual workshops tailored to meet audience needs. 

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What You Will Learn

  • To become more proficient in medical record management.
  • Learn an easier way to access medical records.
  • Reduce unforeseen medical costs.
  • Reduce emergency room visits.
  • Lessen unnecessary phone calls and office visits.
  • Have fewer complications.
  • Obtain a higher quality of information-driven medical appointments.

Our Guarantee 

At the end of the workshop attendees will receive Patient Better’s medical record management system as well as a self-assessment that is based on Moore’s level of outcomes. A summary of the participants’ answers will be sent back to you within 30 days of the event.

Sample Self-Assessment

Interested in reducing the health illiteracy rate silently plaguing your practice?

The Patient Better Project offers a one-hour online webinar to healthcare professionals, educators, and home health and home care workers to learn how to reduce the health illiteracy rate plaguing our health consumers. This independent medical education course teaches the best practices for identifying health illiteracy and details the important elements required for patient, family, and informal caregiver adaptation, application, and outcome success. In this course, you will learn how HMEPs can be successfully incorporated into treatment plans and provided as an ancillary educational support service without distracting condition management (patient) training. This informational course also shows how HMEPs improve patients, families, and informal caregivers’ ability to cope with common and complex diagnoses, delivery of sophisticated at-home care, and (health record) safety and protection in cases of emergency or disaster situations. 

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