The Patient Better Project

Enroll in and Contribute to Our Health Advocacy Nonprofit

The Patient Better Health Advocacy Program aims to foster a healthier and stronger community. By investing in this program, not only will you gain access to top-notch advocacy education, but you will also contribute to our nonprofit's mission of making healthcare more accessible to all.

As a participant, you will be invited to complete two brief 10-question self-assessments – one before starting the program and another after. These assessments will help us tailor our advocacy support to your unique needs and track the positive impact of the program on your healthcare journey.

By donating to our program, you agree to actively participate in our mission by filling out the two 10-question self-assessments as part of the Patient Better Health Advocacy Program. Your commitment to this process will not only empower your health journey but also play a vital role in making healthcare more accessible to all in our community. 

Thank you for joining us in this transformative endeavor!

Donating Benefits:

You will make a real difference in someone else's life.

Your donation directly contributes to improving the lives of individuals in need, making a tangible impact on their health and well-being.

You will join a caring community.

By donating, you become part of a compassionate community that shares the common goal of promoting accessible healthcare for all. And if desired, to get involved in volunteer opportunities, community initiatives, and awareness campaigns, becoming an active participant in creating positive change to America's health illiteracy epidemic.

You will have recognition and gratitude.

As a valued donor, you will be acknowledged and appreciated for your generosity and commitment to our cause.

You will receive exclusive updates.

Receive regular updates on the progress and success stories of the Patient Better Health Advocacy Program, allowing you to see the positive change you are helping to create.

You will be partnering with a trusted nonprofit.

The Patient Better Project Inc. has a proven track record of excellence in delivering impactful programs and services, ensuring your donation is in reliable hands.

You are eligible for a tax deductible contribution.

Your donation to our registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit is eligible for an end-of-the-year tax write-off, maximizing the benefits of your support.

You will be on our gratitude wall.

As a token of our appreciation, donors will be featured on our virtual Gratitude Wall, recognizing your commitment to our cause.

You will know that you've made a difference.

Experience the satisfaction of knowing that your contribution is transforming lives and improving healthcare outcomes for individuals and families in need.